Pro-rated after one hour

Adults 6-12 Under 6
1 hour $16 $8* Free*
2 hour (Paddle Boards Only) $25 $16* Free*
4 hour $40 $20* Free*
Guided Eco-tour (1 1/2 - 2 hrs) $48 $24* Free*
*Must be accompanied by an Adult. Open 7 days 9AM- 5PM.
Take away rates
We have takeaway rentals available. Delivery and pickups are available as well. The rental rates are as follows;
Craft Day Week
  • Paddleboard $40 $100
  • Single kayak $80 $200
  • Small tandem $100 $250
  • Large tandem $120 $300
  • Persons over 200 lbs should be on large watercraft.
We have large singles and paddle boards as well as tandems. View the equipment using the links below.
Paddle board http://www.imaginesurf.com/index.php/products/allround/surfer
Large paddle board http://www.imaginesurf.com/index.php/videos/product/45-adventure/49-2016-angler
Single kayak http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/single_kayaks/scrambler_11/
Med single http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/single_kayaks/caper/
single http://www.malibukayaks.com/kayaks/x-caliber/
Small tandem http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/tandem_kayaks/malibu_two/
Lg tandem http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/tandem_kayaks/malibu_two_xl/
Group Rates
The first thing you should do is to establish the minimum number of people who will be in the group. This is what will determine the price. It will be a price for the group, not individuals. Three days before the event, you confirm with a deposit. You may add people at that time at a pro-rated cost, but if they don’t show up, the entire fee is expected just the same. The alternative is to just come in on the day when you wish to go out. If you have a sizable group, we can give a discount. You can call ahead to make sure we have equipment for everyone, and be ready for you.

Group events
Tour options

1)Guided Urban Eco Tour.
Our flagship product, this tour is about an hour and a half to two hours. Our guides will take your group down river about a mile or so, then return with them to Richardson Park. Along the way they will discuss the history of the river and its surroundings, how it used to be, and how it got to be the way it is today. There are a couple of preserves along the way, lots of wildlife, and some nice waterfront homes. We serve fresh coconuts at the end. A hole is made in the coconut, a squeeze of lime is added, and a straw inserted into the hole. Some coconuts may be split for the fruit , depending on the state of ripeness.

2) Sunset Paddle Tour.
This is a slightly shorter version of the guided Urban Eco Tour. We make it just over an hour to an hour and a half, returning to Richardson Park. Upon our return to the park, we serve fresh coconuts with a squeeze of lime, and a healthy shot of rum (We have a liquor license at the park.), along with gourmet desserts (Ordered from a local bakery, the desserts may be selected from a menu that includes eclairs, cannolis, mini cakes, eclairs, pies, tiramisu, etc.).

3)Guided Urban Eco Tour with release.
Approximate total time is 5-6 hours, including stops, and a meal. This is the Guided Urban Eco Tour, but we release the group at the end with some maps and instruction on how to proceed around the island. They may continue all the way around the island, returning to Richardson Park. They may have a meal delivered to Richardson afterwards, or to Island City Park Preserve, depending on the start time. Participants may opt out of the paddling portion early by returning with the guide at the end of the Eco tour, or leaving the kayak at Island City Park Preserve. We will arrange transportation for the 1k ride back to Richardson, or they can walk if they’d prefer. Several local restaurants will deliver to either park, offering BBQ, Pizza, Subs, etc. Coconuts will be served.

4)Self-guided trip around the island.
This option is for the team building unit. The group is given maps, directions, and outfitted with watercraft. We’ll tell them what to look for, and how to avoid potential problems, then send them on their way. Again, they may order food, and/or opt out at Island City Park Preserve. Coconuts will be served.

5)Fully Guided Full Circuit Tour.
This is the Guided Urban Eco Tour, all the way around the island. The guides will lead your group from Richardson Park to Island City Park Preserve, where they can rest, regroup, and/or opt out. After a respite from paddling, the tour continues the rest of the way around the island. This tour usually runs a little over four hours without meals. An additional cost will be incurred, depending on the size of the group for the extra Guide Services. Coconuts will be served.